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Business Insurance: What you should have

02/11/18 | Advice & Guidance, Business, Limited Company

Business Insurance: What You Need To Have

As a small business owner your business may be required to have Professional Insurance. This is often dictated by the Agency or Hirer, or may simply be personal choice. Insurance is one of the key ways in which a business protects itself against financial risk and any costs incurred can be reclaimed as a business expense.

Finding an insurance product that is both a compliant and inexpensive solution should be priority, it’s important to source an insurance designed with the needs of a freelance professional specifically in mind, that has been developed to provide protection for all of the main exposures that could affect your business.  

Obtaining business insurance can often seem unnecessarily complicated which is why at Sidekick we have patterned with Kingsbridge. Who make arranging your business cover easy.  All you need to do is fill in the ‘Arrange a Call Back’ form and Kingsbridge will be in touch via one of their dedicated client services team. They’ll be more than happy to go through any questions you might have.


What does Business insurance with Kingsbridge cover?  


Professional Indemnity Insurance covers claims made by a hirer arising from your negligence or bad advice at work.



Public Liability Insurance covers claims for injury to a person outside of your employment or damage to their property.



Employer’s Liability Insurance is a legal requirement if you have 1 or more employees. It insures the business for claims arising from your liability for employee illness, injury or death.


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