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Case Study: MLM Business Support

06/02/18 | Business, Case Study, Network marketing

The day I started running my Network Marketing business, like a business, it was the day everything changed!

Amy’s Story:

“When starting my Network Marketing business, my mind was focused on one objective – make additional income.

I have a busy life, 2 kids at school and a full-time job, but financially we were struggling and needed an extra income to survive.

When I started my Network Marketing business, I felt so lucky that I had a business in a box, everything was set up online for me.

All I needed to do was manage my diary and my finances once the pay check came in!

I originally started managing my diary through my phone or a paper book, and my expenses I would manage by keeping receipt ins a folder and through an excel spreadsheet. It was time consuming and often I would forget things.

I thought it would be easy to manage everything myself, but what I found, is that I was spending more time on the admin that I was building my business.

In the end I outsourced my accounting but for a big fee.

A friend recommended I looked at an online option to manage everything for me, so I could focus on the more important activities. Which is where I came across Sidekick.

Since using Sidekick I have been able to manage my business and finances through an app, I upload my receipts on the go, receive important daily reminders and most importantly I receive advice from their support team that helps me maximise my profits.

I never knew I could claim back for half the things I have!

For the small fee I pay, I have received more value than ever and couldn’t be happier! I love the fact that it is the most modern approach to accounting I have ever come across, which falls in line perfectly with my modern business model, the support is open 24/7, and they have never been too busy to help”.

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