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In demand freelance skills

19/10/18 | Advice & Guidance, Business, Careers

In Demand: Freelancer Skills

The skills that are in demand are changing, a lot of these changes come around due to new technologies, software changes and platforms being introduced. It’s difficult to say what the next in demand skill will be – it might not even exist yet! But, if you’re looking to add skills to your freelancer arsenal read on.


Content Writing and SEO

Okay, we know that these are 2 skills, but they do go hand in hand. It’s not surprising that such a sought-after skill (content writing) is also a difficult skill to master. Google’s indexing takes in to account the usefulness of the content that you’re producing. So if you’re a web designer creating content about your pet pug, it might be more useful to produce web design tips and hints for your target market.

Having the skills to weave SEO keywords throughout content in a useful way is a real skill and the demand isn’t going anywhere.


Social Media Management

The rise of social media has seen even the smallest businesses getting their own Facebook page and having great social media management is key. Not only will a great social media manager create awesome content, they’ll know what works and analyse the results from every piece they post, engaging followers in keeping with the businesses’ brand.


Graphic Designers

Graphics that are engaging, creative and unique are in demand – now more than ever. With almost every business wanting an online presence, they pay more attention to their branding. If you can turn these projects around quickly and produce a great graphic at the same time – you’re going to be in high demand.



Blockchain is the technology that underpins how digital currency works. The use of digital currency has skyrocketed in recent years, and skills related to Blockchain are only going to grow too. It’s already in use by major companies like IBM and Samsung.

Once you’ve honed your skills for freelancing, the last thing you want to do is worry about all of the nitty gritty of admin and tax at the end of a long day. Contact us now to let us take the burden from you.


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