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The evolution of accounting- online accounting

01/10/18 | Advice & Guidance, Expenses, Pay, Technology

The Evolution of Accounting

Accounting is a seriously old profession and practice with its roots being planted some 7000 years ago. It’s not surprising then, that the stereotype of an accountant is a stuffy chap with a dusty old suit, who speaks in jargon laden sentences that even an accountancy graduate can’t grasp.


Ch.. ch.. changes

Over time accounting has changed a huge amount. It started out as a simple way of keeping track of what happened in your business on a day to day basis. In essence, at least, it has remained the same. But nearly everything else has changed.

New laws, regulations, generally accepted accounting principles and standards have been introduced that have complicated and developed accounting throughout the ages. This hasn’t been without cause either, when you consider the number of scandals in recent years it’s understandable that accounting has become a more complex machine.

All of the terminology, standards, rules and regulations have left accounting a veritable nightmare for small business owners to get their head around, even when asking the most simple of questions.

Accounting today – your Sidekick

Thankfully, over recent years the landscape has changed and things are looking up for small business owners. This is where Sidekick come in.

We’re proud to champion accounting with a difference. Accounting that takes all of the good bits of the old ways, combining them with a fresh and friendly attitude to help you overcome a wide range of business challenges.

We want you to see us as more of a business partner who is there whenever you’re faced with a challenge in your business.

What’s in it for you

An accounting package, a business adviser and enhanced tax efficiency (better take home pay) are all just the start of where Sidekick could help take you. We’ll do our best to free up your time to allow you to do what you do best.


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