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Limited Company Services

We can help you transform your business and manage your taxes, VATs, payroll and more with our Limited Company Services. We provide you with a free Limited Company Formation within 24 hours of signing up to our services, and we’re always on hand to provide advice whenever you need it from your dedicated Client Manager.

Our Limited Company Services allow you to view your business financials online anywhere with our FreeAgent powered software, specially dedicated to organising your businesses finances. We can help you with IR35 support, monthly payroll, tax and RTI returns.

We offer bespoke tax planning within our Limited Company Services, with management accounting teams dedicated to helping you address your accounts and offering you helpful tax services. Sidekick also ensure you’re prepared for annual business tax return, and easy solutions to paying your corporation tax and calculating your tax returns. We have dedicated tax return accountants which are on hand to help you with all of your taxation needs!

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How to Register a Limited Company with Sidekick

If you’re looking at registering a limited business, we can incorporate a company with a name of your choosing in up to 24 hours of you signing up to one of our Limited Company packages. We can also assist with all of your HMRC registrations and business banking for your business. Our advisors provide a personal consultation with you when you sign up to one of our limited company services to discuss the basics of running your own Limited Company.

Our Limited Company formation service enables you to form your limited company free of charge, whichever service package you select.

Advantages of a Limited Company

  • A Limited Company has the benefit of limited liability, as incorporation forms a legal distinction between the business owner and their business. This means that personal assets aren’t exposed – you only stand to lose what you put into the company.
  • Limited Companies are more tax efficient than sole traders or Umbrella Companies
  • There is a wider range of expenses that a Limited Company can claim against its profits to reduce tax
  • Once you’ve registered a company name nobody else can use it, in contrast to sole traders who aren’t offered the same protection.

What Do We Offer Limited Companies?

Our all inclusive services, mean you pay a fixed monthly fee, and can reassured everything is being taken care of. Running a Limited Company has many benefits including:

  • The highest possible earnings by tax planning and extracting dividends
  • The flexibility to grow the business by employing others
  • Ability to reclaim business expenses
  • Control of all business income
  • VAT registration and savings
  • Limited liability

What is a Limited Company?

“A Limited Company is a type of business structure that has its own legal identity, separate from its owners and its managers. This remains the case even if the business is run by just one person, acting as shareholder and director. If you’re earning more than £15 per hour and expect to contract for more than 3 months of work, then a Limited Company could be the best option for you.”
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“I’m in full control of my money now, thanks to the guys at Sidekick!”

“I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to basic finance, but in reality, beyond invoicing and keeping track of my expenses I was really not clued up on how to structure my business to maximise my efficiency. Sidekick guided me through the process superbly and simply, so I now have a better understanding of my finances, extract more of the money from the business I make but spend less time doing it. Genius!”

“I get paid each month, just as if i was an employee”

“Sidekick made the process of being paid so quick and easy. I am now classed as an employee of theirs, no matter what work I am doing, for who. I go to work and do my job, my money is paid into my account on the same date each month with tax and national insurance taken care of. I don’t even think about it anymore, it just works.”

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