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Looking for a new career? Is contracting the right fit for you?

03/04/18 | Advice & Guidance, Careers

Contracting is increasingly popular because it gives you more control over when and how you work, but also provides a good amount of security. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to be stuck in one place, and who wants more control over their own destiny, location and work/life balance – contracting could be a good choice for you.

However, it’s worth considering what’s actually driving you in the direction of contracting. Some motivations are less positive than others, and could suggest that contracting isn’t the best option for you, after all.

Here are some examples of good motivations:

· You want to improve your prospects
· You want to pursue your own good ideas
· You want to do the kind of work you love

And here are some bad motivations:

· You hate your boss
· You’re keen to work less
· Contracting sounds cool
· Your mates are doing it

Mixed motivations

Of course, you probably have a mixture of reasons for wanting to become a contractor. For example, you might not be so keen on your boss, but you might also be interested in exploring new fields.

Just make sure that you’re making a balanced decision and that you have good, solid reasons for making such a radical change to the way you work. This is important, because without a foundation of solid motivations, you may struggle if/when things get tricky.

If you have you ideas, and are ready to go out to market with your new contracting business, the team at Sidekick can help you set up your Limited Company. Do not delay in getting set up for success. Contact the team of Sidekicks.


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