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Earn yourself more friends and more money

12/09/18 | Advice & Guidance, Business, Limited Company

Now you’ve been out there carving your own path and going from strength to strength – it’s fair to say you’re a superhero of the small business world. You should, really, help your friends do the same by being their hero and referring them to Sidekick.

Not only do you get to be their superhero and save them from a nightmare of administration, spreadsheets and deadlines but you also get to earn yourself (up to) £150 on a prepaid MasterCard. That’s not a onetime offer – the more you refer the more you’ll earn with us.

Okay so you’re probably thinking (about the money) that it doesn’t sound like a good deed, since you’re getting paid to do it. Well, they also get paid for joining up if you refer them. So, their Sidekick will start paying it’s way immediately, with (up to) £150 on a prepaid MasterCard.


Why else should they join?

If the money isn’t enough to get you motivated and referring your friends, just think about all of the work you’ve saved time on since you joined us:

  • Help setting your company up, within 24 hours of you joining us. This includes HMRC registrations.
  • IR35 Support: to make sure that you represent yourself correctly and get the right take home pay.
  • Monthly payroll, VAT and tax returns, tax planning and dividends.
  • A sidekick for advice, help and pointers for all things business, just check out our Trustpilot reviews.


If you’re not compelled to help your friends out with everything we’ve mentioned above and making their lives much easier – don’t go forgetting that we’ll be able to casually slide a prepaid MasterCard across the table each time you refer a friend to us.

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