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Outsource your Payroll – Save Time & Money!

16/03/21 | Business, Pay, Technology

Sidekick offer an experienced and knowledgeable team of payroll professionals. We provide advice, guidance and payroll processing from as little as £1.00 per employee per week.

Is a simple payroll solution ideal for businesses who want their payroll outsourced but retain control of the worker’s employment, HMRC Tax and National insurance payments. We simply work as your back office.

Bureau is ideal for businesses and agencies and includes:

  • HMRC Tax & NI calculations
  • All deductions, such as pensions, student loans, CSA payments etc
  • Issuing of payslips & P60’s
  • Experienced and fully qualified Account Manager
  • Confidential processing
  • More cost effective than employing your own payroll team.

There is no need to pay for costly software and your own payroll staff. You can trust Sidekick to ensure your staff get paid on time, every time!

Our team are all UK based and work with your business, as part of your team, managing each employee’s payroll accurately and securely.

Our technology is accessed via our secure online platform. Your employees will view their payslips and P60s in their own online portal while you will access to all payroll data complete with downloadable reports.  We provide you with a bank file and we take care of the rest.

Visit our website for more details www.yoursidekick.co.uk/agency-services

Our get in touch for more info 0808 164 3000


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