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Refreshing work spaces for freelancers!

17/10/18 | Advice & Guidance, Business

Same old story

Working as a freelancer has many bonuses and one of the biggest perks for many individuals is getting to work from wherever your heart desires! Many freelancers choose to work from home as they often have a dedicated work space or find this is where their mind works best. But working from home can sometimes have its downfalls; whether it be a day of school for the kids or a garage extension next door…peace and quiet isn’t always easy to find.

If one day you find yourself wanting to find a new space to do some work or just want to get out of the same old home office, carry on reading to find out some cool places to head to.


The great outdoors!

Granted, it’s heading into Winter and is starting to get a bit bitter outside but stick with us here. We aren’t suggesting you find a slightly rusted park bench to sit on whilst hot spotting your laptop’s Wi-Fi off an unknown source, we’re suggesting you just head out to a new location outdoors and get some inspiration by what nature has to offer. Not everything has to be technology focused, why not get a pen and notepad and head to somewhere outside to get some inspiration for your work. No matter what industry you might work in, half an hour alone outside could give you an idea you never even knew about until now. Never underestimate the power of fresh air!


Co-work with pals

Sharing things with others becomes part of having a friendship, but why not occasionally share a workspace together where you can have a laugh in between the nitty gritty of work. Bring some snacks to share and stick the radio on to create a pleasant atmosphere that could inspire some great work for the day. You never know, they might have some cool ideas for your business that had never crossed your mind.


A local café

This one probable comes as an obvious idea but spending an hour or two in a local café can really help get your mind focused and block out other elements that may be a nuisance in the home space. Settle down with your favourite hot drink and tasty panini and see what happens. Remember, make it a local café- people are striving to keep their small business going, just like you!


Time out

If you’re not working well from home on a particular day, take a second to ask yourself why. You might just be in need of a well-deserved break or to take care of some family matters before you can sit and focus on work that needs doing. Our brains are busy at the best of times, so don’t feel guilty for taking a few hours out.



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