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Self Employed Services

Sidekick was created by a team that have over 25 years experience providing tax solutions to Self Employed Professionals. With our industry experience and team of expert Tax Consultants, we are able to provide our clients with strategic and bespoke tax planning services, to ensure you deliver better results for your business.

Whether you are Self Employed, work via a Limited Company or just need a tax return completing, we work with you to ensure that the amount of tax you pay is the right amount, and is in no means more than you should be paying. Discover our packages online here, or contact one of our advisors to find out more information.

“I get paid each month, just as if i was an employee”

“Sidekick made the process of being paid so quick and easy. I am now classed as an employee of theirs, no matter what work I am doing, for who. I go to work and do my job, my money is paid into my account on the same date each month with tax and national insurance taken care of. I don’t even think about it anymore, it just works.”

“I’m in full control of my money now, thanks to the guys at Sidekick!”

“I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to basic finance, but in reality, beyond invoicing and keeping track of my expenses I was really not clued up on how to structure my business to maximise my efficiency. Sidekick guided me through the process superbly and simply, so I now have a better understanding of my finances, extract more of the money from the business I make but spend less time doing it. Genius!”

“I’m on site all day, now I don’t have to worry about the books!”

“I just don’t have time for all the hassle of the business accounts. I’m on site from 7 am every day and I put off doing the finance side of my business all the time. Sidekick has taken away so much of the time-consuming parts of managing my money. Now I can sort my finances on the go, and the time it takes is so much less, I’ve finally got my evenings and weekends back to myself with my family!”

Get Help with Tax Return Forms

Many people, especially those who are filing a return for the first time, find that self-assessment is a daunting and time-consuming task. As a business owner, or contractor, it can be difficult to know what rules apply to you, and what jargon translates to what. As a customer of Sidekick, all the worry and stress of tax return forms are taken away – our team of dedicated advisors will help you to ensure that your taxes and return forms are filled out correctly and on time, so you are not penalised.

Our experts can also show you ways to reduce the tax you owe, without the hassle of doing it yourself! By following some simple steps in the ways you do business can save you a lot of money when you have the right know-how at your finger-tips, with our online portal and dedicated advisor to your accounts. Tax Returns can be easy and straightforward with the help of Sidekick – find out more here!

What is tax planning?

Tax planning is a way to ensure you are being as tax efficient as you possibly can and ensuring you’re only giving what’s necessary. We look at things from a tax perspective and can make a significant and positive difference to your financial situation. Tax planning can take various forms and includes many different considerations, at Sidekick we advise individuals on all aspects of tax planning to ensure you are making the most of your incomings.

It is important to remember that tax rules and regulations can change and often depend on your individual circumstances. Active tax planning with Sidekick could ensure that you keep up to date with the various tax changes and how they may impact you, making sure that your ongoing tax plan remains as efficient as possible.

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