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Hairdressers & Beauticians: How Can We Help?

We know that finances and tax returns can be difficult, time consuming and confusing – that’s why Sidekick are here to assist you with all the financial elements of your small business! Whether you work for yourself, or you own a business that needs books keeping and taxes paid, Sidekick have got all the help you need to ensure your business stays afloat and your finances are done on time. With Sidekick, we can assist in your end of year accounts, self-assessment tax returns and payroll and RTI requirements. With access to our small business app to manage your business on the go, and assistance with initial business registration and set up, your business finances have never been easier!

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What Expenses Can You Claim?

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Business Tax Explained

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Branding Your New Business

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Managing your Finances

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Managing Your Hair & Beauty Business

Whether you work by renting a space in a hairdressers or beauticians, or you are completely mobile, working in the beauty industry often means spending 95% or more of your time with clients to earn an income. In this industry, hours and work flexibility are completely in your hands, which is why becoming self-employed is becoming the most popular option for many.

With all this time spent working, it leaves little time for you to manage your finances and keep your books to file your taxes, claim your expenses and figure out VAT. This is where Sidekick come in – dedicated online accountants, trained in ensuring all your finances and business needs are taken care of.

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What Do We Do For Your Business?

We understand you’re working long hours as a beautician or hairdresser, and your work is sustained by a constant stream of clients. Time taken managing administration and end of year returns takes you away from time you could be spending seeing an extra few clients or doing more training, which is essential for new business and building a brand for yourself.

We have created a modern way to manage your money, accounts and administration, for a fixed monthly fee, we can offer support when you need it, a small business app, and most importantly simple advice.

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How Can We Help?

Whether you are unsure how to manage your end of year returns, you haven’t registered your business yet, or you simply want to gain the most from your earnings, Sidekick can do everything for you to ensure you’re focus is on the important things! Our dedicated team of experts are available 24/7, 365 days a year for your support, and you’ll have a dedicated finance manager working on your account who will know your business inside out.

If you want peace of mind, no end of year stress, and value for money – then look no further than Sidekick’s online accountancy solutions.

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