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Private Landlords: How Can We Help?

As a Landlord, owning and renting out your property can sometimes prove difficult. If you’re renting out your property and you’re unsure about your tax and financial obligations, Sidekick can help! As a member of Sidekick, our team of experts will assist you in setting up your initial registration, managing your end of year accounts and tax returns. When you own a property, the rules on paying tax when renting it out can be quite complicated, and they’re updated quite regularly. With all of the hassle of owning your own property, Sidekick can help you manage the difficult parts, and all easily manageable through our small business app, allowing you to manage your finances on the go. With Sidekick, all of your Payroll and RTI requirements will be done with the help of our team of experts, as well as providing advice when it comes to Tax Planning and & VAT Registrations & Returns.

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Becoming a Landlord

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Private Landlord FAQs

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Becoming a Private Landlord

Being a private landlord can be a fantastic source of income in a world of rock-bottom interest rates and stormy instability. Becoming a buy-to-let investor is a popular alternative to a traditional pension, as well as an appealing option for entrepreneurs who want a business based on bricks and mortar.

Having orderly rental accounts at your fingertips is the only way you can judge the success of your buy-to-let business. It’s easy to lose track of all those tins of paint, or to let the occasional missed rental payment slip through the net, but you need an accurate picture of what’s coming in and out of your buy-to-let business every month. We understand that landlords are busy, and that time is money and that’s why we’ve created an online accounting solution specially designed for landlords, in order to keep on top of your income and expenditure for your properties and make the end of year reports as simple as can be.

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Let Us Do The Hard Stuff For You!

We understand your business often requires long hours and is sustained by a constant stream of clients. Time taken managing administration and end of year returns takes you away from your most important work, which is sourcing new business and building a brand for yourself.

We have created a modern way to manage your money, accounts and administration, for a fixed monthly fee, we can offer support when you need it, a small business app, and most importantly simple advice.

Whether you are unsure how to manage your end of year returns, you haven’t registered your business yet, or you simply want to gain the most from your earnings, we are here for you. We know you are open for business 24/7, 365 days per year, therefore we have made our dedicated account managers available whenever you need us.

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