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Tradesmen: How Can We Help?

As a Tradesmen, we know it can be hard to manage all of your work and ensure your accounts are up to date. At Sidekick, we can help you manage your finances in the simplest fashion  – we assist with your initial registration and set up, so there are no major forms to fill out. Our dedicated accountants help you sort out your end-of-year tax forms, and self-assessment tax returns, so there’s no major form filling or hard work to be done! With a Sidekick accountant, you’ll have access to small business app to be able to see all your accounts on the go, with your dedicated accountant helping you with Payroll, RTI requirements, VAT registrations and tax returns. If you need tax planning advice, you can get all the best advice from Sidekick.

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Working long hours with little time for account management?

With everything you have going on, it’s no surprise that sometimes accounting and administration can take a backseat. Running your own business effectively can be one of the most daunting tasks, requiring many skills and a huge amount of knowledge.

For many, you may have trained in your profession, however, you may not been taught the fundamentals of how to manage your financial accounts, or perhaps you cannot afford to take the time out manage your business and finances.

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Your personal accountant is here to help!

Time taken managing administration and end of year returns takes you away from your most important work, which is sourcing new business and building a brand for yourself.

At Sidekick, we have created a modern way to manage your money, accounts and administration, all for a small fixed monthly fee. With our packages, we also offer advice and support when you need it, as well as the simplicity of all your information contained in our small business app. If you want to contact one of our advisors to discuss how we can offer advice for your business, you can get in touch here.

“I’m on site all day, now I don’t have to worry about the books!”

“I just don’t have time for all the hassle of the business accounts. I’m on site from 7 am every day and I put off doing the finance side of my business all the time. Sidekick has taken away so much of the time-consuming parts of managing my money. Now I can sort my finances on the go, and the time it takes is so much less, I’ve finally got my evenings and weekends back to myself with my family!”

“I’m in full control of my money now, thanks to the guys at Sidekick!”

“I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to basic finance, but in reality, beyond invoicing and keeping track of my expenses I was really not clued up on how to structure my business to maximise my efficiency. Sidekick guided me through the process superbly and simply, so I now have a better understanding of my finances, extract more of the money from the business I make but spend less time doing it. Genius!”

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Our mission is to do your thinking for you

Whether you are unsure how to manage your end of year returns, you haven’t registered your business yet, or you simply want to gain the most from your earnings, we are here to help you.

Available whenever you need us, we are available and on call whenever you need us – 24/7, 365 days a year. We know your business is always on the go, so we make sure we are always there for you too.

If you want peace of mind, no end of year stress, and value for money – then look no further than signing up to one of Sidekick’s packages!

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