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The top gadgets every contractor needs

20/07/18 | Advice & Guidance, Technology

Working as a contractor can be busy at the best of times and sometimes it’s good to know a few tips on how to make the busiest of days a little more efficient and the best ways to do so, whilst having fun!


Portable Charger: A 3-hour train journey, 4% phone battery left, screen-brightness on low and battery save mode on. Yet it’s still never quite enough to eke out your phone life for as long as you need. And why is it times like this there is never a plug socket in sight?! The rest of the train journey doesn’t need to be done in silence and neither do you need to be unreachable. There really is a simple solution to this often-occurring problem and they can be much cheaper than you think. Portable chargers are one of the best gadgets for on the go workers and regular travellers, they ensure your phone is charging no matter where you might be and the resources you might have. For as little as £20 you can fully charge your phone up to 7 times! We highly recommend that a portable charger is a staple item in anybody’s bag. Check out this link for some of the best portable chargers available on the market right now —

Portable Chargers


Fitbit: It’s a busy life being a freelancer and you often wonder what being that busy does to you. If you haven’t already, investing into a fitness monitor such as the Fitbit is a great way of keeping tabs on your daily activities. Feeling tired and wondering why? Fitbit tells you exactly how many hours sleep you got last night and if you should be getting an early! It makes it easier to be aware of fitness and works wirelessly to allow you to count steps, watch calories and set your goals for the day. A real investment for contractors on the go who want to combine their work with fitness!


Tablet Computer: There are many variations of the very popular tablet and although each of them different, all of them great for freelancers as compact tool with many handy features. They’re great for a smart note-taking system with many automatically changing your handwriting into text and give you the ability to work across more than one device without even having to think about it. Whether it be work related errands, web surfing, music or even relaxing with a game… there are thousands of things to do on a tablet. A gadget that is sure to enhance the efficiency of your work whilst making it more fun! Take a look at the highest recommended tablets now –

Best Tablets


Airbar: One of the newest inventions available on the market right now, the Airbar turns any regular laptop into a touch screen surface. By simply attaching a lightweight bar to the bottom of your laptop screen vis USB, you can instantly touch, drag, pinch, zoom and much more with your hand or any other stylus. Great for online meetings, conferences or on the work where you require a more sturdy and reliable surface. A super cool gadget with a taste of technology from the future!


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