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Who are the top Network Marketing Companies in the UK?

21/02/18 | Advice & Guidance, Network marketing

Who are the top Network Marketing companies in the UK? And why?

The top 10 list for the UK is below and factored into the results is:

  • The People
  • Compensation Plan
  • The Products
  • Global Option

With so many Network Marketing companies to choose from, it can get confusing when deciding which one may be the right fit for you.

The below list was originally created by Network Marketing HQ based on their independent research. We hope that you will take this away and learn a little from it, and from here do your own research, because only you know what the right fit for you may be.


Top 10 Network Marketing Companies

  1. Arbonne International.
  2. Utility Warehouse
  3. Herbalife
  4. Amway
  5. Forever Living
  6. Oriflame
  7. Simply Naturals
  8. Tropic Skin Care
  9. Avon
  10. C.N


We have gone into a little more detail into what you should be looking for when thinking of joining a Network Marketing company. The below points should help you make a decision to which company could be the right fit for you.


  1. People

Have you connected to any of the people in the company you plan on joining? Do you know how they work, what support they offer and the kind of community you are likely to be a part of?

When starting something new its important you are going to have the support and mentorship you require to get you off to a great start and give you a higher chance of success. When you join a Network marketing company you will join somebodies ‘downline’, and they will be your mentor, it’s their responsibility to get you started with the right tools and advice.

They often say in Networking Marketing you are ‘In business for yourself, but not by yourself’.

It is likely you will be plugged into many communities, events, Facebook groups and webinars, this helps you plug into people just like you, to keep you motivated and on track.


  1. Product

Do they have a good range of products? Do they have a product people are going to love, and is the product consumable? Choose a product you would use and be happy to recommend and ensure there are a wide enough range of products so there could be ‘Something for everybody’.

Is the product consumable? Do not choose a company whose products are not being used day to day in people’s lives. You want to have a product range that is consumable, like make up, shampoo and nutrition, as these are products that your customers will reorder consistency every single time they run out.


  1. Compensation Plan

All the compensation plans of the top network marketing companies work, they all have a fair and ethical structure. One thing to look at is whether you can build your business as large as would like and are not restricted.

Look for a compensation plan that allows you to sponsor an unlimited number of people into your business, as this will give you unlimited earning potential and not hurt the growth of your business.


  1. Global Option

Does the company you have chosen to work with, allow you to build globally? Which countries do they operate in or have they restricted your growth to the UK?

Ideally you would find a company that operated in many countries or has plans to, that way you can build a business in multiple time zones across the world and have access to more potential business partners.

This also means that if you eventually decide that you fancy living in another country, you can take your business with you.



In closing, once you have chosen the right Network Marketing company for you, the key to success is to stick at it, be the most hard-working person in your business and key going until to reach your goal.

If you want anymore advice on how to get started in Network Marketing or you have already started and would like utilise our online software to manage your business and finances with ease get in touch for further advise or book your FREE consultation.

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