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With Sidekick, you can support yourself and save the hassle of working as a freelancer or contractor with our umbrella services. With no joining or exit fees, you can have your contractor services set up within 30 minutes, and manage your timesheets and payslips online via our online portal. Once you’re set up, you’ll receive same day payments with SMS notifications, and you’ll have access to Perkbox, our employee discount scheme, as well as comprehensive insurance.

For only £20 per week with no hidden costs, you’re able to easily work on your projects without the worry of filing tax forms and time-consuming processes – simply fill out your timesheets and expenses, and submit them via our online portal. Sidekick will then file your costs to your agency or client, and you’ll be paid directly through PAYE, with your taxes and National Insurance already deducted. For hassle-free, easy umbrella services, you can sign up to one of our packages online here.

How Do Umbrella Companies Work?

How it works

STEP 1: Join Sidekick and become an employee of an Umbrella company

STEP 2: You will submit weekly timesheets to us via the portal

STEP 3: Sidekick will invoice the agency or client you work for

STEP 4: We will receive funds from your client or agency

STEP 5:  Sidekick will pay you directly, including any tax and NIC deductions

“I get paid each month, just as if i was an employee”

“Sidekick made the process of being paid so quick and easy. I am now classed as an employee of theirs, no matter what work I am doing, for who. I go to work and do my job, my money is paid into my account on the same date each month with tax and national insurance taken care of. I don’t even think about it anymore, it just works.”

“I’m on site all day, now I don’t have to worry about the books!”

“I just don’t have time for all the hassle of the business accounts. I’m on site from 7 am every day and I put off doing the finance side of my business all the time. Sidekick has taken away so much of the time-consuming parts of managing my money. Now I can sort my finances on the go, and the time it takes is so much less, I’ve finally got my evenings and weekends back to myself with my family!”

What is an Umbrella Company?

An Umbrella Company acts as an employer to agency contractors who work under an assignment or project basis. A contractor will be given work by their agency (acting as their employer), and this work will be submitted through timesheets to the Umbrella Company at the end of every week. The Umbrella Company (in this case, Sidekick) will then submit these timesheets to the contractor’s agency, who will then send across payments for the contractor to the Umbrella Company. These payments will then be made to the contractor, deducting Tax and NIC, saving the contractor time and improving work efficiency.

Who are Umbrella Companies suited for?

Umbrella Services are ideal for contractors who plan on working on shorter projects, contracts of a temporary nature, or earn less than £15 per hour. Working for an Umbrella Company means that you, as a contractor, become an employee of that company, despite the fact that you’re working for external agencies or clients. If you’re looking for hassle-free solutions to make your working life easier, Umbrella Solutions are the way to go – as the Umbrella Company, Sidekick will pay you directly to your personal account for your work, after the deduction of tax and NIC, making it an easy and straightforward way for you to work from any location.

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Umbrella or Limited Company?

If you’re currently working through an Umbrella Company, but want the benefits that come with running your own Limited Company, such as:

  • More tax-efficient solutions.
  • A wider range of expenses you can claim on.
  • You’ll have a unique company name, that no other company can use.
  • Your personal assets aren’t exposed as you’re covered by Limited Liability.

If you’re intersested in switching from an Umbrella company, then check out our Limited Company Services online here, and see how you can switch with Sidekick.

How do you calculate my take home pay?

All UK Umbrella Companies operate PAYE. This means that you will pay your tax as you go along in exactly the same way as a permanent employee. However, it is vitally important that all Umbrella Companies operate under the same rules and regulations which means that there are no differing processes, no elaborate schemes and no creative accounting.

Your National Insurance contributions are deducted as a percentage of your earnings this percentage is identical for all companies. Income tax calculations are a little more complicated; this is essentially how it works.

Everyone has a tax code which determines their tax-free pay e.g. the standard tax code for 2016/17 is 1100L, which means you can earn £11,099 in a year before you have to start paying income tax. Every pound you earn over your tax-free allowance will be taxed at 20% up to £32,000; every pound you earn between £32,000 and £150,000 will be taxed at 40% and finally, any earnings above £150,000 will then be taxed at 45%.

At Sidekick we have service guarantees, if you are unhappy with the services we offer or we do not deliver to our promise, there are absolutely no tie-ins and we won’t take our cut, it is as simple as that.

HMRC Change Travel Expenses for Umbrella Employees

HMRC announced changes to the way Umbrella Employees claim expenses in 2015. These changes restrict Umbrella Employees from claiming tax relief on travel expenses if you are subject to the supervision, direction or control (SDC) of the agency or end client. If this is the case when performing your services, then you will no longer be able to claim travel expenses. As part of our process we will ask you to complete a SDC questionnaire to ensure you are only claiming expenses if applicable, and find out whether you are able to apply to benefits of IR35 to your expenses and tax code solutions.

Find out more about IR35 here.

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